President Taft

The Grand Army of the Republic

The media spotlight has been shining bright on the removal of Confederate monuments and statues. Getting less attention is the sacrifice both black and white Union soldiers made to help preserve the Union and end slavery. Independent Producer Chris Howell talked to Associate Professor of History at UCF, Barbara Gannon, about the shared sacrifice of black and white Union soldiers and the post-Civil War veteran’s organization called The Grand Army of the Republic. This feature aired on Florida Frontiers.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Theater Opening

Opening a new movie theater during the recession was kind of a big deal. The theater convinced the mayor, the local university president, and other civic leaders to make an appearance. I covered the event from the economic angle. This aired on WBZS-AM.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Shuttle Launch

This was the first shuttle launch after a summer of embarrassment for NASA. The shuttle Discovery had put the nearsighted Hubble Space Telescope in orbit. NASA also battled a series of fuel and hydraulic leaks on both Atlantis and Columbia that prevented scheduled launches. This flight went off without a single problem. This aired on WBZS-AM.

Photo Credit: Chris Howell

Artist Peter Max

Peter Max, best known for his psychedelic art of the 1960s, was invited to display some of his work in a small art gallery in an area of Columbus, Ohio called the Short North. This aired on WOSU-AM.

Photo Credit: Chris Howell